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Wood Elementary

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Booster Club

Wood Elementary Booster Club Meeting

October 3, 2017

6:00-7:00 pm



Introduce officers and each attendee

Budget Update

Reviewed current budget

Teacher support, added two new staff members, vote passed to increase the budget for teacher support by $100 moved from Misc Expenses

  1. Playground

Reviewed different equipment, good feedback on equipment that is more inclusive. Next step is to find about installation of equipment. This equipment is in addition to our current equipment.

  1. Shirts

Over budget due to adding multiple colors

  1. Grants

Ms Crispen is asking for a bean shaped table for the classroom, $305.00. Table would remain property of Wood Elementary.

Ms Egan is asking for new recess equipment totaling $727.00.  Grant tabled until next month, may be able to use some of the playground fund once we have some hard numbers.  Also looking into alternate ideas to the pinnes due cleanliness issues i.e head lice and germs.



  1. Mt. Hood Movie Theatre Passes

On sale now, price when up to $8, we make $3.50 per ticket.

  1. Fall Fundraiser

Going on now, biggest earner of the year.

  1. Box Tops

Collected every month, next deadline is 11/1. Last year we earned over $500.  Looking to have a hot cocoa party as a prize on 12/15. PBIS assembly the top class earns a golden box top trophy monthly.  Flier to go out for Nov & Dec collection contest.


Upcoming Events

  1. Open House – October 5 – 6pm to 7:30pm
  2. Movie Nights – October 20 – LEGO Batman, raffle and vintage Wood shirts
  3. Trunk N Treat – October 31 – 5pm to 6pm (ordering non food treats for those who have allergies)
  4. Fall Book Fair – November 15 – 22 – Need volunteers for set up, working the sale and tear down
  5. Holiday Bazaar – November 18 – TBA Cassie running it. Vendors purchase space for $20.
  6. Parent’s Night Out – December 8, 6pm-9pm by registration only.  Ages 3-12, must be potty trained.  $2.00 per child.
  7. Screenagers – Dec 1st 5-6pm includes dinner


Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Movie Nights – 3 volunteers to clean mats before and after, sell raffle tickets,
  2. Book Fair – volunteers get a 10% discount.  Need personal shoppers, registers run, set up and clean up
  3. Trunk N Treat – cider and games need to be worked
  4. PTC Lunch – 11/21 Sam will do this with a $100 budget
  5. FF Product Delivery – 11/27 rep comes with the truck that needs to be unloaded. Small boxes go home with the students, large boxes must be picked up.
  6. Parent’s Night Out – group leaders and chaperones

NEXT MEETING – November 7 @ 6 pm


Booster Club Email: lwboosterclub@gmail.com



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